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Is Slaughter House 5 an Anti War Book

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Is Slaughter House Five an
Anti-war Book?
        Kurt Vonnegut served in the very war that he writes about in “Slaughter House Five”, and knows what war is like and how it feels. So when you read the novel you are getting a true feeling from the author because he served in that war, so Vonnegut knows what war is like and what it can do to you. We are getting the true feelings about the war, and the authors take on war. We see from the beginning of the novel that the author does not like war, and he lets us know several ways in his novel. Kurt Vonnegut makes know his feelings about war, beginning in 1) Chapter one when he tells someone that he is writing an anti-war book, he might as well write an anti-glacier book. 2) In Chapter four the narrator describes the terrible conditions they went through; dehumanization in war. 3) The narrator has flashbacks throughout the story, mainly due to his postraumatic-stress disorder from the war. Kurt Vonnegut uses these and more examples to make his book an Anti-war book.
        In chapter one the author is talking to the movie maker, Harrison Star and he tells him that he is writing a book about Dresden, then Star asks him if it was an anti-war book. Vonnegut replied saying, “yes, I guess it is”(page 3). Then Star tells him that he might as well write an anti-glacier book;   because you will not ever be able to stop glaciers, concluding that you can not stop war. Kurt Vonnegut in chapter one is talking to us directly, so from the very beginning of the novel he tells us that it is an anti-war book. Before we even begin to read on we already know that this book is going to be an anti-war book. Vonnegut uses this conversation between Star to tell us it’s an anti-war book.

      When you read on in Slaughter House Five we realize how ugly war is, and how cruel some people can be. This is exactly what Kurt Vonnegut wanted us to see, so he uses almost all of chapter four to describe what the American POW’s went through...


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