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Why I Want to Study English Language?

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Why I Want to Study English Language?

Once in my early age, I had seen an amazing movie but I did not understand it because it was played in English language. For obvious reason I wanted to know what the characters were saying so I enjoyed watching the movie. By the time, I have decided to begin studying English the reason that I thought it is a simple language I might learn and get quickly, and were I want to apply for a job I shall need it.

The first English movie I had seen, I was able to repeat its lyrics with having no idea what were they mean. When I saw the Open Season movie, I concentrated on the characters movements and the way of raising and falling their voices to imitate them. Day after another I have learned many new vocabularies, thus I began to take some courses to improve my knowledge in English and study more about it.

Many jobs in my country always required the youth to be bilingual especially who can speak English language. The companies offer many vacancies for the alumnus, but who speaks English considered at the first place; because the responsibility and the important position where he will work he has to communicate with people from different countries. So, to get a job is necessary to be an English speaker.

For these reasons, English language has been affected on me deeply for the first time I listened to, and years have passed since then studying it, yet I am still not comprehending it very well. My aim is to be an expert native speaker and I believe that I am going to achieve it soon.


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