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Study Skill

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Study skill essay writing.
Do you often feel like you have more things to do than you have time to do them? Some months ago, if asked, I would answer “yes”. This makes me so stressed and my studying becomes more difficult than it is really is. However, something has changed when I learn “study skill” at school. Up to now, I have learned a lot of skill in this subject, but I could   put the “time management” theory into practice most effectively.
Some months ago, I always felt busy and tired. The reason, I think,   is that 24 hours per day is so little for me to finish all the tasks or deadlines which is always waiting for me. Miserably, sometime when there were so many tasks to do, I did not know what I should do first, so I did nothing. Moreover, I always let “the grass grow under my feet”. I could not control my mind to do the task in advance when it has not come the deadline yet. And then, when a lot of deadline came at the same time, I had to skip class to meet the deadline. How tiresome it is as I had poor time management.
After the “time management” lesson, I plan a specific schedule and force myself doing this. At first, it is not easy at all because distracting activities always hang over my head. To be honest, it is hard to say “no”, so I learn to say “later” to decieve myself, and everything becomes better.
It has been two months since I adapted my time management. Two months is not long enough for me to get all the benefits from it, but it really makes my life change dramatically. First, planning time helps me save time a lot. Now, every morning, when I get up, I know what to do and how much time I spend on each task; it is so great to have a plan for myself. By this way, I can control myself. Second, although sometimes there are a lot of tasks or deadines, I know which task should be finished first. Therefore, I do not think so much or afraid of coming deadline. Also, I do not need to stay all night to do tasks. It is good for my health and mind; and...


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