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Toy Story

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Toy Story is an animated Disney children’s film set in 1995, in a young boy’s bed room. The movie shows toys that come to life when the lights are turned off or there are no humans around. The toys community is pleasant with everyone knowing where they stand until Andy, the toys owner, celebrates his birthday with friends, who bring him presents. Next thing the they know they have a new citizen, Buzz Light year, who instead of realising his responsibilities of being Andy’s toy he believes he is a actual space ranger from another planet. This astronaut takes the whole crew, but mainly Woody, for a crazy adventure of trying to find their way home and getting out of their insane neighbour’s yard before Andy’s family moves house. As can be expected from a family film the movie explores the issues of overcoming jealousy, and reinforces values such as family, friendship and working together. The underlying message which is taken in by viewers is appropriate and will mainly cause a positive affect on how they perceive their life. Throughout the film there is plenty of use of devices such as the representation of family, gender labels and general stereotypes which influence young viewers that watch the film.

The gender construction in this film shows males to be dominant. This can be shown in the numbers of male to female, as there are more than twenty more males to females shown in the movie. And can also been seen in the way they act in the film. The first scene explores Andy playing with his toys and Bo peep, portrayed as the damsel in distress, is captured by Andy’s other toys. Instead of trying to save herself Bo peep calls out for help and along comes Woody. These positions young girls to instead of trying to do things themselves they should wait for a man to come and help them. In the film the main character is Woody and being the ‘leader’ of the community this reinforces label that has been put upon Men, that they should be in charge and assisting others....


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