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Capability of a system or organization to withstand a disaster or hostile environment, without significant impairment of its normal operations.

Military survivability
In the military environment, survivability is defined as the ability to remain mission capable after a single engagement. Survivability comprises three elements:[2]
  * Susceptibility - the inability to avoid being hit (by a weapon).
  * Vulnerability - the inability to withstand the hit.
  * Recoverability - longer term post hit effects, damage control and firefighting, capability restoration or (in extremis) escape and evacuation.
The concept of "Mission Survivability" whilst retaining the three core areas above, either pertaining to the "survivability" of a platform through a complete mission, or the "survivability" of the mission itself (i.e. probability of mission success). The concept of "Force Survivability" which relates to the ability of a force rather than an individual platform to remain "mission capable".
Definitions of Network Survivability[edit]
"The capability of a system to fulfill its mission, in a timely manner, in the presence of threats such as attacks or large-scale natural disasters. Survivability is a subset of resilience."[7][8]
“The capability of a system to fulfill its mission, in a timely manner, in the presence of attacks, failures, or accidents.”[9]
Combat vehicle crew survivability[edit]
The crews of military combat vehicles face numerous lethal hazards which are both diverse and constantly evolving. Improvised Explosive Devices, (IEDs), mines and enemy fire are examples of such persistent and variable threats. Historically, measures taken to mitigate these hazards were concerned with protecting the vehicle itself, but due to this achieving only limited protection the focus has now shifted to safeguarding the crew within from an ever-broadening range of threats, including Radio...


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