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Types of Forces

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Types of Forces and their Definitions:

1.) Friction
When an object moves over the surface of another object, a force called friction is applied by the surface it is moving across.   This friction force can be differentiated into two kinds, namely sliding and static friction.

2.) Tension
A tension force is exerted when a string, rope, cable or wire is pulled at both ends, thus directing the force along the object that is being acted upon.

3.) Buoyant
Buoyant force is the force that is applied by a liquid or fluid on an object. For example, things float on water because this force exerts an upward force that keeps it buoyant. However, even an object that is sinking experiences buoyant force.

4.) Gravitational
Gravitational force is a force experienced by one object to another. The masses of these objects pull these objects to each other due to gravitational force. The gravity of the earth attracts any objects on or near the planet to its core.

5.) Normal
When two objects come in contact with each other, there is normal force. Not only that, there is a support force that is exerted. For example, a wall pushing horizontally against a person leaning on it keeps the person from falling.

6.) Impact
Impact force is the force experienced when there is a collision between two objects.

7.) Magnetic
Magnetic force is the attraction between two magnetized metals. This force is an action-at-a-distance force. Meaning that even when the two magnets are separated at a distance, the magnetic force can still act between them.


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