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The Useful Selection of Belt Conveyors in Hongxing

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In search of a risk-free world, in deference to the near-demise of BP, and in recognition that extreme statistics do play out, are we headed to a new mining world; one where only reasonable projects involving rich ore bodies in dry, non-seismic parts of the world proceed? Are we headed to a more conservativeperspective where the old mining risk profiles are no longer acceptable? Is mining going to be stung by the BP oil spill to avoid projects, to do better project engineering, and to try to make living near andworking on a mine as safe as commercial flight? Funny how we accept that commercial airlines shouldbe safe, but happily accept far less in a coal mine, in a slimes dam, and on an oil rig.Choosing the best conveyor belt cleaners depends on the type of belts you have and the materials that they handle. The main types of conveyor belt cleaners are scrapers, wipers, and brushes, each of which has its own best applications. Scrapers are usually best for smooth belts and can be made from a variety of different materials. Wipers can be used with smooth belts or those with a nonskid surface, and brushes can typically be used with any type of belt. You may also choose to use various configurations of pre-cleaners and secondary cleaners to achieve the best effect.All too often these prophets of probability prevail. And equally often their statistics are proven right: something fails and somebody in the mine dies. Or worse, they are proven wrong; and something fails, and many people at the mine die. A committed mining statistician will tell you: “There is no suchthing as a risk- free world. Thus we must incorporate risk, probability, and consequence in our real-world view, analyses, and decisions. After all, we will all die sometime, the tailings will flow to the ocean eventually, and the pit will become a part of the topography.”The fascinating thing to contemplate in the light of coal mine deaths, tailings dam failures, and oil rig blowouts, is this: What, if...


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