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Great Expectations, when he was at least 25 years old

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I looked unenthusiastically out of my bedroom window, wishing he
wouldn't turn up. He was at least 25 years old, with already a few
specks of grey in his hair. He was a lawyer and looked upon by many
respectful people, as a loyal, hard-working, decent man, yet somehow,
one person did not think so. Me - Lou Sade. Perhaps it is the way this
man greeted me, a flash of his disrespectful eyes tracing me from my
head to my toes, or the way he treated me when nobody was within
earshot, especially when not in the company of my father. His name was
Romulus but his close friends called him Rome. Rome Kamau.

Outside I could hear the gates creak open. I sighed, knowing Mr. Kamau
had arrived on my father's invitation.

'Quickly Lou! Young Mr. Kamau is here, you don't want to make a bad
impression, he's a fantastic man really, I wouldn't have any idea why
you shouldn't like him' called my father. Biting my tongue and
straightening my hair, I got up and made my way as slowly as possible
out of my room and down the stairs towards the huge Georgian entrance.

As father and I made our way towards the unwelcoming doors, a maid
rushed forward to open it. I shivered. I shivered every time I saw
him. He had the palest of pale skin, with rather large, beady eyes,
that made you feel as if you were being watched constantly whenever he
was around.

'Mr. Kade' greeted Rome, bowing towards my father in a conniving way.

'Please, call me Tom' Father responded. Rome smiled.

'Lou' Rome nodded, turning to me, seizing my hand to kiss it. His lips
were like rugged rocks on my delicate, silky hand. I pulled it away.

'Miss Kade if you don't mind, Mr. Kamau' I replied rather coldly. My
father laughed nervously as if it were a joke, but as we walked
towards the dining room, his eyes pierced mine and I could tell that
he was annoyed.

My father sat down at the head of the table, Rome opposite him and I
sat as far away as possible from Rome. The maids laid the...


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