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History of Multimedia Online

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Ever wonder how YouTube came about? This paper will explain how and why multimedia is what it is today. How it started and how sites like Netflix and Hulu and other sites like these are thriving because of someone that wanted to use multimedia online.
I can honestly say I do not remember the first time I used or watched multimedia on the internet. When I was in high school the internet was still relatively new and we were still learning on DOS and on Windows. That was my eighth and ninth grade years back in 1997 and 1998 respectively. Those days are long gone and it’s much easier to get videos or other forms of multimedia onto your computer and onto the internet.
The term "multimedia" was first used in 1965 to describe a performance that combined music, lights, cinema, and performance art. In the history of multimedia development, technological advances have expanded the definition, and people have argued about how exactly the term should be used. Most people agree that the term multimedia should be used to describe a product that contains several types of media. For example, a multimedia website might feature text, graphics, and clickable sound files. (educationcenteronline.org) I can see how people could argue about something like this but at the same time, I think the arguments are invalid. In my opinion, multimedia is just about any video. It has picture, sound, and most can be clickable for sound. With the advent of the Internet and its growing prominence as news, entertainment, and shopping destination, people skilled in computer multimedia are in great demand. Another growing sector is broadcast design. Broadcast designers come up with ideas for sets for television news programs and create motion graphics for television stations. These graphics might be used to introduce or end shows, to advertise upcoming network shows, or to introduce different segments of one show. The graphics are usually created using computer animation

software. Multimedia is also...


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