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Crusher Accessories Enterprise Has Many Problems

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The cone crusheraccessories production enterprise problems
In our country,the wear-resistant casting industry emerged in the development of many small workshops enterprises,no leading enterprise status,forecast according to the current national support projects and the future development of the field, worrying prospect of wear-resistant casting enterprises in china. According to the expert analysis,China's cone crushercasting industry mainly has the following problems:
1.The trust crisis between industry customers and casting manufacturers to increase.There are many well-known casting manufacturers to reflect, many customers consultation accessories will ask such a question: "Your hammer head is casting or forging?"as everyone knows,casting hammer wear than forging hammer , a slightly higher price,but the service life of the hammer more than 2 times.Therefore,some unscrupulous manufacturers use customer for casting hammerhead and hammer forging the lack of identification of common sense weakness, for forging hammer to deceive customers,earn high profits from customers,resulting in the foundry industry lack of trust.
2.Many manufacturers can not produce hammer and other wear parts, was purchased way,but told customers to produce,earn post.
3.Crusher rotor repair business can do very few manufacturers.Crushing machine better have good rotor,the rotor is the core of crusher rotor,once broken, the whole production will not be carried out, the replacement cost and crusher rotor is relatively large,many manufacturers will choose the rotor hammer disc, cracking of welding repair.Especially Fujian,Zhejiang area due to the material condition, cone crusherrotor repair business, can undertake domestic crusher rotor repair business manufacturers rarely,cannot satisfy market demand.
4.The processing quality of hammer liner wear parts should be improved. Although in recent years wear-resistant casting our overall production level and product quality has improved, but there...


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