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Life Is a Race

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Life is a race. If you don't run fast, you'll get trampled. This race started once we enter the educational system, roughly at the age of four. As a result of this race, we intend to become too competitive. As a matter of fact, one of the major reason why we become competitive is to meet our parents' expectations. Why and how? Simply explained, the expectations for parents for their children has increased as compared to parents from previous generations. Parents from the previous generations just wanted their child to finish the race, regardless of the position the child emerges as. However, parents from these generations, not only do they want to see their child finish the race, they want their child to emerge as the first. Thus because of this constant fretting over their children's future, parents resort to ridiculous solutions. Such solutions include putting their four year child in tuition, just to prepare for Kindergarten. Thus because of our parents concern on our future and their high expectations of us, we, teenagers will definitely feel   stress. And with this, I do have to agree that teenagers in Singapore do lead very stressful life.
Everyone in the world do feel   stress but one must know how to cope with stress. I am about to share my methods on dealing with stress. The best thing you could do is simply to laugh it off. Laughter is a fabulous healer and encourages social bonding. The act of laughing also increases the oxygen supply to the lungs, stimulates the production of endorphins and can produce a feeling of euphoria. Occasionally it may also open the gates to tears-another positive release. The other thing you could is exercise.   A study at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, shows that 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise helps to raise   your heart rate to about 120 beats per minute.   at least three times a week   of aerobic exercise can lower depression and anxiety within 12 weeks. Performing some stretching exercises or regular...


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