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Oppurtunities and Threats

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Life is all about fixing square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. And to make this possible one has to grab the right opportunity at right time. These opportunities are to be viewed with an x-ray vision that can see through even the invisible. This vision displays certain threats along with these opportunities which are indispensible to ignore. But the smart minds know how to come out of this dilemma. It is rightly said- “The hardest of teeth has to go through the hottest of fire.” The most important ingredient of this soup is the power of perspective or to be precise, it is the art of sensible vision. “Is the glass half empty or half filled?” It is our perception that determines, quite literally, how we view the world because it is our own attitude that decides our altitude in life. A positive perspective can make a silver lining stand out, around even the darkest of clouds. The story of the shoemaker-cobbler is well-known. The trend of imported shoes and the desire for branded shoes made a shoemaker-cum-cobbler out of business. He used to earn his living by mending shoes and earn two-square meals a day. Despite the fact that there was no one to help and that there was no customer, he used to live a happy life and thanked the Lord. What made him thankful and so happy? His positive perspective tells us not to lose mental balance especially in the face of adversity and negativity.
“Nothing can be achieved without proper planning”-this tenet holds good in life. To achieve success you have to fix a goal, set a layout to achieve that goal. History is flooded with examples of people Like Napoleon, Hitler, who were, otherwise great Generals, but in haste they lost all they had. A point to be noted is-“Haste makes waste”. Therefore, whatever you do, do it with proper planning, and lo and Behold, Opportunities will automatically fall in your way. Opportunities strike at door in hundreds, but it is up to you, your instincts and your power of perspective...


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