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Elizabeth Blackwell- First Female Doctor

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Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 in Bristol England.   At a young age she moved to America with her mother and father, along with many siblings.   When she was young she wanted a career that would cause her to use her intelligence and also do what was faithful to her religion.   What made Elizabeth really decide to be a doctor was, when one of her friends was dying and they said to her that “her suffering would have been more bearable had she been attended by a woman physician and suggested that Elizabeth had the intelligence and courage to pursue a medical degree” (U.S. National Library of Medicine).   Without her friend saying that to her I do not think that Elizabeth would have become a doctor.   That was probably what, in the end, secured her career choice of being a doctor.  
In order for Elizabeth to become a doctor she needed to be acquainted with doctors and medicine and be used to working with medicine.   Also, in order to be a doctor she needed to have some knowledge in the ancient languages of Greek and Latin, in which many medical terms come from.   Becoming a doctor would be hard for Elizabeth because she was not acquainted with medicine/doctors or the ancient languages of Greek and Latin.   Doing this would be hard for Blackwell because she did not have the resources she needed in order for her to do those things, because she did not have too much money.   Because of her not having too much money she needed to go and work as a teacher to save up for her schooling, and she went to go and live with a doctor named Samuel Henry Dickson, MD., who helped her with her with some medical training, she got access to a medical library, and she had the chance to learn the ancient languages of Greek and Latin.   By having these types of opportunities and the chances to study and learn, it really gave her an extra little jump that would help her later when applying to medical schools.
When Elizabeth Blackwell first started applying to different medical...


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