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Stylistic Analysis. Doctor in the House

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The text is easily divided into complete parts. The exposition contains the general information about students’ attitude to the final examinations and the way of preparation for this important event. The exposition begins with “To a medical student the final examinations are something like death: an unpleasant inevitability to be faced sooner or later…” and ends with “… and ran a final breathless sprint down the well-trodden paths of medicine.” The complication of the narration is showing the process of exam, candidates’ excitement and suspense of the results. This part of the text stretches from “The examination began with the written papers” to “”Number three oh six?” the Secretary whispered, without looking up from the book. “R. Gordon?” “Yes” I croaked.” The climax is the moment the highest intensity when the Secretary is pronouncing the narrator’s result and this very moment his fate is at stake. “The world stood still. The traffic stopped, the plants ceased growing, men were paralysed, the clouds hung in the air, the winds dropped, the tides disappeared, thesun halted in the sky. "Pass," he muttered.” The denouement of the text is the untying of the knot of this story a kind of liberation and the ending of suffering. “Blindly, like a man just hit by a blackjack, I stumbled upstairs.”
Richard Gordon tries to convey hard emotional state of the medical students in his novel. To achieve desired effect in describing characters and environment the author uses different stylistic devices.
The most frequent are similes and the most important are following: “   To a medical student the final examinations are something like death”The author sews the string of death through the whole linen of the story to show all seriousness of this period for the student and associates it with inevitabilityand ending of their easygoing lives. The other simile shows that students position themselves as the prisoners sentenced to deathfeeling helpless and despondency:“Iwas shown to a...


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