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Movies and Magazines or Classroom Teacher?

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Task 2: Movies and magazines or classroom teaching?
“Pupils learn more English from reading literature, magazines and instruction manuals than from traditional classroom readings” I believe that this is true because I have experienced this. I have never been the best at school and paying attention to the teacher, but I have always been good in English. I think it is because of that I have read a lot of magazines in English and watched many movies in English.
But there is not just positive by learning from magazines and movies. Sometimes in movies the translation can be wrong or not the word you use most times, and sometimes a totally different word. In magazines there can also be some words you rarely use in the different sentences. But most of all the might change the words to dialect in the magazines to make the stories in the more fun the read. So if you’re not aware of how the word is written you might get it wrong some other time. Like at school and you might not get as good grade as you might have thought.
But what is great about movies and magazines is that their interesting and fun. And it is a lot easier to learn when you are having fun. But you might not know that you learn when you watch movies. I know I didn’t know that I would learn so much from watching the English version of the movie Ice Age, but I did. And it was just as fun watching it. So I really think we should watch more movies at school for example. But I am not saying that we should watch only movies in class. It is still very important to have normal classroom teaching, but I will get more to that now.
There are many good reasons to have classroom teaching. Some of them might be that you learn the correct grammar. If you learn only from movies you can get you’re grammar all wrong because you might think you can use some words in other sentences when you see what they mean in the translation that most times is at the bottom of the screen in English movies and TV shows. But when there is...


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