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Human beings are social animals. Life is almost impossible without social interaction and life becomes more joyful and easy if there is courteous interaction between human beings. Every religion of the society stress upon courteous behavior and good relationship among mankind.
To be a guest or a host is common in society. Literally guests; means the visitors. Time and again we have experience of being guests or having guests. Teachings of Islam stress upon courteous behavior with guests. “In fact guests are blessing of almighty Allah” according to the sayings of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) “Guests always bring their own destiny”. At another occasion the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said “Guests are gifts of Allah”. One of very renowned prophets of Allah Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was in habit of taking meal with guests. Once he had no guest for some time, so he start searching for a guest. So that He may take meal with the guest, He saw an old man and   He invited him to be his guest for meal. The old man accepted the invitation and come to Hazrat Ibrahim’s home along with him. Hazrat Ibrahim served the guest with meal and asked him to start the meal with name of Allah, but the old man refused to take the name of Allah as he was Zoroastrian. On this Hazrat Ibrahim took back the meal and asked the guest to walk away from his home. The Almighly Allah sent his message to the Prophet asking “why you did not provided the old man with meal”. He (Hazrat Ibrhim A.S.) humbly replied   that he the old man was a Zoroastrian. The Allah replied “I have providing this man with food throughout his life, but you refused on just one happening”. Hazrat Ibrahim (S.A.) ran after the old man and bring him back to food after apologizing for his rood behavior. The old man was as inspired as he accepted the religion of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.).
Islam tells to treat the guests according to their social status. It is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) to receive the...


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