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The Impact of Eletronic Media on Convetional Media

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The advent of new media has posed a challenge to conventional media. Their effect, for example, is felt on the circulation of print newspapers, especially in the USA. However in Ghana, the effect of the new media on conventional media is still manageable. Ghanaians newspapers still attract advertising even with the presence of online newspapers. The two reinforce each other. Thus, in this paper, we argue that the presence of the electronic media will not replace newspapers. We believe that the layout of newspapers here may change, but the content is still in the form of news. Even though the conventional media/ newspapers have their own online versions, they have not fully embraced the new technology. Even if there is a drop in circulation, it would be because the younger generation prefers electronic media as they are more interactive compared to the newspapers. There are also television stations which have an online presence such as TV3 and its owner, Media Prima. A large number of Ghanaian citizens have their own Internet connections, so they can read newspapers online, thus squeezing revenues from advertising especially at a time of global economic slowdown. In Ghana, however, the new media and conventional media will continue to coexist and reinforce each other.
The advent of New Communication Technology (NCT) has brought forth a set of opportunities and challenges for conventional media. The presence of the electronic media and the Internet in particular, has posed a challenge to conventional media, especially the printed newspaper. Analysts in industrial organizations and businesses are of the view that the U.S. newspaper industry is suffering through what could be its worst financial crisis since the Great depression. Advertising revenues are tumbling due to the severe economic downturn, while...


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