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Social Media and Society

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Social Media and Society

Social media is different from traditional media in many aspects such as quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy and permanence. It enables two way communications to the user. It gives an equal opportunity to every community member for content creation. Therefore, it can be said that social media has converted a common man to the consumer as well as producer of the content. Social media includes internet, twitter, facebook, blogposts, youtube videos, quora, certain webpages   and in some cases entire websites.

The purpose of social media is to promote and aid communication. However, such technology is doing much harm than good. Sarah Zay of U.S.A. TODAY stated that- ‘With the rise of websites such as facebook, social networking may be on the verge of replacing the traditional personal interaction for the next generation.’

Social media has become a part and parcel of everyday life. No one can imagine life without facebook or twitter. It has   brought us closer to other parts of the world. We can contact anyone around the world, share elements of our lives.

We can become a part of that person’s life who was previously not known to us. It has made likeminded people to discuss important topics. It can also be used as awareness campaigns.

The contribution of social media can be listed as follows-

  1. It is a forum for support and safety information during crisis – there have been several recent disasters during which social media provided only viable venue for communication like super storm Sandy, Kedarnath   tragedy , most people did not have power but some cell networks and WiFi towers were still operational.

  2. It is a valuable aid for crime solving – It helps Police Department to nab the gangsters and their masters who keep boasting about violent criminal activity on social media.

  3. It is a forum of political influence – it has given true voice to the people. Some months ago, the rally for marriage...


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