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Bang and Olufsen a/S

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Bang & Olufsen Marketing TEST

  1) Mercedes is installing its first Bang & Olufsen Audio Products in its cars in 2010.

Question: Account for Mercedes buying behavior back in 2010.

High risk and High involvement in decision making therefore I consider it to be 8 steps in the B.T.B buying behavior of Mercedes.

Recognition of a problem/need: Mercedes feels the need to improve/change their sound system.
Why did Mercedes decide to cooperate with Bang & Olufsen? It is a high involvement in decision making for a company to choose to cooperate with another company, especially when they both differentiating themselves by going for a relatively small market of the consumers, the high income takers. Considering the financial crisis and the financial situation in many countries it is a bold move to make your products even more exclusive

Determination of characteristics and quantity needed of product/service: Mercedes need the cooperation of a company that resembles themselves in the brand value and how people consider them. They need products that are “classy” and meant for high income takers. They also need to decide if all their cars are to be using the sound system or if only a few. Searching for a company that suits them and choosing between different competitors to find the one that suits them the best and can offer the best product/service.

Determination of the product/service desired and quantities needed: What type of product do we need? Considering that the company that is Mercedes, they ought to look for a product that can deliver high quality sound with innovative and smart solutions and high technology. This involves Mercedes choosing the fact that they want to a sound system with high quality and classy.

Search for potential suppliers and preliminary evaluation of their suitability and qualifications:
Searching the market of sound systems to find one that can match the company’s wishes and fulfill their needs. Finding B &...


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