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Music and Life

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Music and Life
“Without music, life would be a mistake” once Friedrich Nietzsche, a famous German philosopher, said. Music plays a great role in our life. It follows us the whole life. Basically, music can include all sounds around us: twitter of birds, sounds of wind, water, trees, animals. However, music is more than a simple combination of sounds. It is an art, which reflects our life. This art describes the beauty of life, touches upon the problems of a man, and at the same time gives answers to these problems. Music always accompanies plays, films, cartoons. And one of the famous musical films is “The Sound of Music”. Music in the film is what helps to unite the von Trapp family and what teaches the characters to live.
Firstly, music helps to unite the von Trapp family. At the beginning the head of the family, Captain Georg von Trapp, is rather strict, manipulative and very bossy. His children are like soldiers in the army, who must follow Captain’s orders. They don’t seem to be happy. Their father seems not to be interested in his children’s life at all. Besides, he doesn’t understand, that his children need him very much. Georg von Trapp doesn’t know their problems, what feelings and worries they have. Apart from that, he doesn’t spend enough time with them, which really hurts children. The members of the family even don’t have any mutual activities to do. But after Maria comes to them and brings her love to music to their house, everything changes in the von Trapp family. Maria becomes one of the von Trapp, and it is impossible to imagine the family without her.   But the main thing is that music brings the children and their father closer together. They start to get on with each other and appreciate the family. Music makes the Captain remember happy times. A reprise of “The Sound of Music”, performed by his children, “awakes” the Captain completely. As a result of the unity of the von Trapp family is their final, absolutely amazing performance in the...


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