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How Are Drugs and Alcohol Affecting the Teenagers?

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How are drugs and alcohol affecting the Teenagers?
Recently drugs and alcohol have become a growing trend in teenagers. Teenagers are not fully taking in consideration the long term effects of their actions. These days drugs are being glamourized and promoted in movies, books, advertisements, shows etc. As a result drug and alcohol consumption has become very popular amongst adolescents.
  Being high or intoxicated has become the new fad. Most teenagers are being pressured into using drugs or drinking simply because “everyone is doing it” or its “cool”. According to an article titled The Glamorization of Drugs in the Media “Rappers, actors and musicians are notorious for addictive personalities, and for talking about their struggles with addiction but it seems that lately, more and more famous people are trying to type their perceived stylishness of substance abuse”. This is true if you turn on your television there are shows of teens using drugs as if it’s common and normal; if you turn on the radio you hear songs talking about the fun of partying and the use of illegal substances. The media is making drugs and alcohol appealing to its listeners or readers. Even the news displays the latest celeb drug scandal.   It’s everywhere and teens are becoming more accepting and tolerant of the use of drugs and alcohol.
Everyone has a different perspective on the subject of teen drinking and the use of drugs. Many parents believe that their children should be allowed to drink as long they are under adult supervision and drink moderately. As stated in the article Thoughts on Underage Drinking by John Buell “a recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health by Dr. Kristie Long Foley provides survey data showing that drinking alcohol with parents reduces teen binge drinking. It teaches teenagers responsible drinking habits and extinguishes some of the novelty of drinking.” On the other hand, there are some parents who believe their children should not be allowed to drink...


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