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basically I was in a group with all the girls, fair enough I hardly spend time with them but still, in the group I feel discluded a fair bit- I only get 40 mins a day to be with Adam at lunch so obvs I'm going to chose time to spend with him. There's been numerous occasions where I've had to experience their bitchy side and let it go..
I'm not bitchy at all. But god they can be horrible people! You know Zeba, Adam can't stand her because she can be a nasty piece of work.. She was like "not inviting you all to my wedding", and she named all the girls individually she was inviting and totally excluded me. I was bothered because this isn't the first time where zebas told included some people and left others out. Even when she told shaiky and stuff about her and asim she totally discluded the rest of us, not that it bothers me..
I told Adam about it, but not in a bitchy way at all. He called me and asked me what I was up to, I go to him in a banter way that oh I'm planning my wedding with my "best friends", oh and I'm not invited to zebas wedding apparently.. Then Adam messaged her and went sick at her! He gave her so much shit- You know how Adam can be init:L hahah! Anyways all the girls gave me shit for what Adam did. But I didn't even know he messaged Zeba in the first place and she didn't even tell me either, instead Zeba showed what Adam said to her to all the girls and they all just gave me shit. I was totally kept in the dark. Saliha Asgar was so rude to me, but what I didn't get was that I didn't give Zeba shit so why were they all blaming me for Adams doing!?
I don't even care, I'd pick Adam over all of then anyday anyways.. So yeah:L like yesterday Zeba called me and we sorted stuff and she said sorry. Her and Amzy wanna go fig and olive with me tomorrow too. I don't have anything against any of them, even me and Zeba are kosher... And even today, I walked past them all with Adam and they were shouting "peasant" because Adam called them peasants and stuff....


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