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High-Pressure Silica Flour Milling Equipment for the Glass Fiber Industry to Promote the Application of Finely Ground

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  It is understood that in 2012 the amount of glass fiber worldwide is estimated at 4.16 million tons , the amount of regional distribution: Asia 1.68 million tons , 1.34 million tons in North America , Europe, 870,000 tons , 280,000 tons of other parts of the world . In Asia, building and construction is the largest glass fiber applications market ( 33.6% ) , followed by the electrical and electronics ( it is mostly for export ) . In the Americas and Europe , transport remains the largest application market , accounting for about 30% of the amount of glass fibers . Is a high-purity silica glass fiber grade crystalline silica materials obtained after grinding grade quartz powder , mainly for siliceous materials Chiyaolasi Law E-glass fibers. Silica is the vein quartz , quartzite , quartz sandstone in general.
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  Sodium is the major product of silica and silica chemical processing to get. Sodium silicate is silica chemical processing products in the most versatile , the largest amount of product , except for the manufacture of a variety of silicon compounds , but also a large number of used cardboard , plywood , some metal materials and foundry industry adhesives , soaps, washing additive agent , paper performance improver for cotton in the textile industry scouring and bleaching agent, fabric fire treatment agent , dye reagent . In addition, also used as a coagulant cement , wood preservatives and egg preservation agent. After the modified sodium silicate can also serve as interior and exterior paint . Aluminum silicate can be used for glass, ceramic materials , but also for paint pigments . Lithium silicate can be used for anti-corrosion paint , metal surface protective agent.

  Applications and application areas precisely silica VIPEAK...


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