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Consider Ordinary Peoples Experiences of the 1930s and Evaluate How Far It Is True to Say That Britain Was a Bitterly Divided and Unjust Society.

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Unit 3
Consider ordinary peoples experiences of the 1930s and evaluate how far it is true to say that Britain was a bitterly divided and unjust society.
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The 1930s in Britain for many people was a period of great hardship. The effects of the Great Depression on the United Kingdom varied depending on the area. The 1930’s have been referred to as ‘The Devil’s Decade’, insinuating hardship for everyone involved. However, I would argue that not everyone was having a hard time in Britain in the 1930’s, in fact some were having a better time than ever, meaning Britain as a society was indeed divided.
In the in industrial areas the effect was large because the demand for their products collapsed. The effects on the industrial areas and the coal mining areas of Britain were immediate and devastating, as demand for their products collapsed. Unemployment rose to 2.5 million by the end of 1930. However, once Britain withdrew from the gold standard the economy began to slowly recover from 1933 onwards.The wall street crash in 1929 started a worldwide economic depression that lasted for much of the decade. Old industries such as steel, shipbuilding and coal mining suffered the most. The labour party became the largest party in parliament, the cabinet voted to cut unemployment benefits by 10 percent by 1931. Unemployment in Britain rose to 2.5 million by 1933 the worst affected were areas of heavy industry for example coal and iron.
In the south-east of England new light industries such as chemicals, electrical goods and automobiles had been developed.

This essay will examine the expense of living in the 1930s and will judge whether it is true to say that society at the time was unjust and divided.
A high exchange rate and high costs may not be the only explanation for Britains disappointing export performance for this period. The economy suffered from having specialised in the wrong industries sectors where demand was weak and those products were...


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