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Teaching Chinesse

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Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is a cross-cultural communication, as a carrier of culture, surname has had a far-reaching impact on both ancient Chinese society and modern life and daily communication. Surname word learning has a very important significance to enhance the communication skills of the foreign students, help them quickly integrated into the life of the local, but also from the unique perspective of China's last name they feel a different kind of Chinese culture . However, due to the complexity of Chinese characters and the big difference between Chinese and western works, the teaching of Chinese characters has been difficulties and problems. In the actual process of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, there are not much surname research and teaching, so we need to conduct further studies on the surnames.
It is difficult for foreign students to learn and master Chinese characters, the purpose of this paper is to improve the efficiency of teaching Chinese as a Foreign, study the sounds、meaning and shape and give practical teaching suggestions with the traditional “Six Categories” and the modern “Six Categories” based on the 444 single surname words. About the pronunciation of Chinese characters, the paper argues that students can master more regularly pronunciation by using similar sounds, meanwhile through reading teachers can correct the problem of the foreign students with a foreign accent,   also pay attention to the use of homonyms surname to avoid communication misunderstanding; from the point of view of Chinese characters meaning, the paper argues that students can learn Chinese character from multiple angles such as associate compounds, origins and significance divisions. About the shape of the Chinese words, teachers can use ancient pictographic words as well as the things around. Apart from the rules and motivations of Chinese words, we can also use some interesting teaching methods, such as Surname story, word puzzles or words...


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