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Career Exploration

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The three career fields I am most interested,  The first career field I have chosen is being a probation officer. The good things about this career field is that you can help kids with bad life get through whatever problems theyre going through. I have always had a desire to help kids get off the street because I have seen first hand what your life can be like if you don’t have someone to get you on the right path, so going into this field I would hope to change the life of most of the kids that I get. The bad thing about this job it is a very dangerous job and very stressful  and the worst part  will probably  not getting to help someone that has the potential to have a better life.   The second career field I have chosen is counseling because I have always loved helping people through their problem and I feel like I am a very easy person to talk to and I want to help people going through tough time get them  through it. I have seen what people go through if they don’t talk about their problems and it not a good thing, most people go into depression if they don’t get their problems worked out. The good thing about counseling is that its an award for me seeing people happy because they are doing better and they've gotten a big burden off their shoulders. The downside of this job is that it is an abundance of stress and could possibly have a negative effect on me, due to others’ personal problems.        The third career field I would like to get into is any area of construction. The reason I have chose this field is because my construction teacher got me very interested in working on house and building different things. I have never had an interest in construction until I went into his class I would like to pursue this career because it is something that I have enjoyed doing and I like learning something new everyday.  The bad things about this career is that it is a seasonal  job, and you can get hurt at anytime on the job construction is a very dangerous job to...


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