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With Reference to One or More Located Examples, Explain How Tourism Can Be Managed to Ensure Sustainability.

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With reference to one or more located examples, explain how tourism can be managed to ensure sustainability.

This essay will explore the work of different tourist destinations to balance their tourism and its affect on the environment. The main concept of sustainable tourism is preservation; the idea of minting the location how it is, this also include allowing no developing. One form of sustainable tourism is “ecotourism”, specialised tourism where the niche market is those who want to experience untouched areas. The overall aim of this is for tourist’s destination footprint to be as little as possible. This is a tourists environmental impact on the area they visit. Sustainability can also be split into socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, however the latter is rarely considered. This essay will explain how different locations achieve this. The case studies considered will be New Zealand and Antarctica.

New Zealand is the Youngest country in the world, only about 200 years old, as a result of his is has a very unique environment, this environment is a travel motivator to tourists.   Tourism produces 9% of the GDP for the country. Therefore it was obvious that the travel motivator, the environment, must be maintained to upkeep this rate of tourism to sustain the economy.Therefore in 2007 the government pledged to become the first carbon neutral country. The tourism industry accepted this pledge and a lot of work is done to preserve and conserve the environment by practicing “sustainable tourism”. Real Journeys is the largest ecotourism group that tours of 700,000 tourists a year. They support conservation   in a number of ways. One example of this is that they invest in new technologies for their customers so that they are most efficient and have the least emissions. Simply, tourism can be managed by travel companies such as these controlling what facilities are used. For example, A socially sustainable activity commonly used by Real Journeys...


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