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Abortion Is Murder of the Innocent

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‘Abortion is murder of the innocent.’ Discuss the statement and use different and supported points of view and your own personal viewpoint and refer to Christianity in your answer. (12 marks)

There are two ways of looking at this statement. One being that abortion is wrong and the other being that abortion is right in some circumstances. In this essay I will be looking into these points of view and going through each of them.

The first point of view I am looking at is how abortion is right in some circumstances. Firstly if rape is involved then the baby might not be loved like it should, if every time the mother looks at it she remembers the rape. It is not fair on the baby. Also if you are underage then you might not be able to look after the baby well enough and also you might not have any money which would mean bringing up this baby in a bad environment.  

Furthermore the other point of view I am looking at is that abortion is totally wrong. Some people think this because all life is sacred as God placed us all on the earth so as he gave us life, he should be the only person to be able to take that life away. Furthermore a foetus can feel, it may not be fully formed but it kicks when something happens so it must be able to feel. Abortion is murder and rape is not an excuse. It is not the babies fault that you had been raped and also if incest has taken place like it was your own choice and you would have to be a freak to want to do that anyway. Furthermore they believe that life starts at the moment of conception and that you are murdering a child with a life, not just a foetus. Also abortion offends God and is also unsafe. In the Ten Commandments it explains how killing is wrong so why is abortion any better than killing a grown person? The answer is it isn’t.

My personal opinion is that abortion is right in certain circumstances. If babies are brought into this world then they should be loved and live a good life.


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