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Is Society Intoxicated with Technology?

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Society is intoxicated with the technology. That is an inevitable truth that plenty of people is aware of, but do not seem to care much about. The fact is that our new technology has much to blame for our human disconnection with our own heritage and culture.
I haven’t been a Facebook user until April 2013. Deep down I knew that the first moment I’ll establish a profile; I’ll lose a real-life contact with friends. And even though I didn’t have my Facebook profile through my whole high school and 75 % of my college (which is more than 7 years comparing to my peers), my life was still full in all aspects. People that wanted to be in touch with me called me or invited me for a coffee, I was being able to attend events that were established on Facebook without clicking “attend” button, and I didn’t missed much if I didn’t see a picture of lunch that one of my Facebook friends published.
However, establishing a Facebook profile in order to stay in touch with all the people I know seemed like the appropriate thing when I realized that I’m going on Erasmus exchange. It took me 5 minutes to sign in, insert my profile photo and my virtual life has boosted. Sharing personal thoughts, pictures and even videos from Prague have become a standard practice for me and before I knew, I become obsessed with it. And what is more, my private life wasn’t private anymore. Checking what’s new every five minutes, going through friend’s profiles over and over again and deciding when to press “like” button has become like a part-time job of my life. Not only that I was doing that when I was in front of my computer, I started doing that through my phone when being outside, on a public transport and even during social events …   That’s when I realized I’m highly intoxicated.

There is an enormous amount of topics to discuss on ethical issues when it comes to technology. However, I’ll focus on fast growing addiction and privacy issues that affect every single one of us...


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