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They Conquer Because They Can

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They conquer they can
Whether you want to cross a river, swim into an ocean, scale the highest peak       Mt. Everest, you can do so if you have the faith and confidence in yourself. Without any belief in yourself, it may not be possible to cross even an open drain.
Neil Armstrong could land on the surface of the moon because he strongly fell that he can. This was by all means not a small achievement, which could not have been achieved without his belief.   Kalpana Chawala, being a lady could endeavor to go to space because she believed that she can. Arati Saha was the first Indian woman to cross the English Channel because she was confident that she can.  
History is replete with such examples. Alexander The Great conquered the world because he had faith that he can. Napolean was another conqueror who boosted his people making history.
One can only achieve only if one thinks one can. Without any inspiration, and confidence no achievement is possible. Sometime there may be difficulties and hurdles in the path to achieve any object but, if we go with the belief that we can, anything remains insurmountable.
Summer before last, I had a dream that I had climbed the top of Mt. Everest. At first instance it frizzled me. However, I regained confidence and thought that I can do it.   I started making necessary preparations and completely equipped myself to take it up. I put up my best efforts, last summer when I climbed the highest peak in the world. Many news papers acclaimed that achievement.
Now I never say ‘no’, I always say I can.


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