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Counties Conquers Courtesy

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Curtis Conquers Courtesy
Curtis was a normal freshman boy, he did his home work and did things that got him into trouble sometimes, but what sets Curtis apart from other freshman was his appreciation for diversity, his manners and his communication skills. While all of these are strong attributes for him, everyday he struggles with the desire to become popular, and peer pressure.
      One day Curtis gets invited to a party at the most popular freshman kids house. Curtis is teeming with joy and excitement because he thinks this is his ticket to popularity. The party is in a few weeks so he decides that he is going to start to wear all of the clothes the popular   kids are wearing he also thinks that in order to be popular he has to join in on the ridiculing of less fortunate kids. So Curtis sets off on his journey to seek popularity, that night he goes to the mall and buys new clothes that look like the clothes he sees other kids wearing, and a new pair of nikes so he can fit in with the "in" crowd. He shows up at school the next morning wearing his expensive new clothes and shoes and decides that he should draw attention to himself by speaking out in class and not listen to a word the teacher is saying.   That night when he gets home from school he feels a lot cooler about himself, he eats dinner and then he sits down to do his homework but doesn't think he should do it because homework is for unpopular kids.
      As the week goes on many of his longtime friends approach him and ask him why he has been acting so strange and different lately; while he laughs off their inquiries, he can't help but wonder what the ultimate consequences will be if he keeps acting the way he has been. That night when he gets home his parents ask him about his rapidly falling grades in many of his classes, and why teachers are calling to ask if everything is ok at home. Curtis realizes that he has never been in this situation with his parents before and he has never been...


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