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Best and Worst Subjects

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What were your best and worst subjects in school or college

My best subject in school would be Mathematics as I have been loving numbers since I was young and I love to solve numerical questions. My parents said it could be genetically passed down as every single one of them got good results for Mathematics. Sometimes when teacher just started a new topic, I could understand easily. Even some of my friend took a longer time to understand so I will teach them a method to understand easily like I do.
The beauty of Mathematics is Mathematics is challenging in all kinds of ways, it always have a new method to learn. For instance, when I entered Form 4, even though I heard most of my friends said that Additional Mathematics was hard but I still selected that subject because I knew I could overcome the problems easily. When I started learning Additional Mathematics I felt it was a bit confusing but I could feel the fun in it. It was not as hard as Physics and Chemistry that requires lots of reasoning. That is why I was able to spend more time on my weaker subjects.
As for the worst subject in school would be Physics because it requires lots of reasoning and common sense. It should be interesting and easy as we experience everything in our daily life is related to Physics. My common sense was bad so it was hard for me to relate the stuff we do daily have to do with Physics even though my friends tried to relate some stuff I just could not understood any of it.
Despite Physics was mostly related to Mathematics but I just could not understand. I even wanted to give up the subject because I scared the subject would bring my grades down but with the help and encouragement from my friend I was able to pass the subject.
Even though I had my best and worst subject but I would try my best to pass my exams with flying colours no matter I love or I hate it.


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