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When i talk about my life I can go on and on about many different things. I know my family is a big topic that i would talk about. I have a very large family, my dad being the only one who went to college. He is a huge reason i am the person i am today. Being athletic is common in my family, my dad played football for UC Berkley, I run track, and my brother and sister play soccer. I have four younger brothers and sisters who all look up to me for guidance. So when i slip up and make mistakes i correct myself and make sure that they don't so what i did and that they make a better choice.

Back when i played football for my school i learned a lot of life lessons on how to help others and become a better person. I feel that football has showed me many lessons that formed me into the man i am becoming. So when it comes to my community, they love your sporting events. A lot of people come out to the football and basketball games. Our community does so much for my school and for me as well. As a school we like to give back to our community so we do 25 hours of community service to give back to what our community has given us. Going out and helping our community is something that me and a few of my friends like to do on our spare time.

Some friends and I started a foundation called "Run for Change." We go around on bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. and we help out people such as people in retirement homes, homeless, or just people who need help. Its fun going around meeting new people doing new and fun things. Mike Smith the founder of "Skate for Change" inspired us to start this foundation of ours. It’s fun because my family supports me and my friend's decisions, they know that it's good what we are doing, and it keeps us out of trouble. It forms me into a strong leader for my friends, family and community.

Me being one of the leaders on my school campus i have a lot of people who have high expectations for me. I know that i can meet these expectations because...


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