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An essay on Terrorism

Jayanta Boruah


Sl no. Topics Page no.
1. Introduction 1
2. What is Social Problem 2
3. Terrorism 6
4. Literature reviews 10
5. The Root Causes of Terrorism 13
6. History and Present Situation of Terrorism in India 16
7. Measures to Prevent Terrorism in India 30
8. Conclusion 35
9. Bibliography 36


In this paper an attempt has been made to discuss the topic of social problems specially terrorism. Every problem has its solution in itself, but there are some social problems which cannot be solved till the society exist. However human beings are known for their superiority which they will try to maintain by curving out solutions to such problems in a rational way.
I will first try to give a brief analysis on various social problems. Then I will go for detail discussion of terrorism in India. The literature reviews will be taken for granted as my guide throughout the whole project.
Finally a conclusion will be made in my own words about whatever I got to know from the experiences of this project.
It is to be noted that no one becomes a terrorist right from his birth. There are certain situation that forces him to become so. And if we try to avoid those situations then we can hope to control terrorism to a certain extent.

What Is Social Problem

Although a huge amount of papers were written on social problem, there is no universal definition of social problem. However, in academic literature, many authors have already agreed, to some extent, on the nature of social problems. One of those authors shows that in fact, in twenty-four definitions of social problems found in thirty-four widely referred texts, twenty one included the requirement that the public or some segment of the public must perceive the condition as problem before we can justly say that a social problem exists (Lauer, 1976: p. 125). That is, social problems exist when there is certain objective condition...


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