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Terror and Propaganda

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While Hitler was in power he used two completely different methods to gain control of the German Nation and its people. Terror and Propaganda were virtually the opposite yet there are many reasons why Hitler needed both of them to manipulate the people of Germany. This crucial balance between the two gave Hitler the ultimate Dictatorship power which made people support him.
Good Propaganda is vital for a strong and stable leadership. Hitler improved the average German lifestyle in a variety of different ways from what it was like back in the 1920s. Hitler gained significant respect and admiration from a large proportion of the German population because of his success as a leader. He was able to reduce the unemployment rate, improve the economy and resolve most situations confidently and effectively. This made Hitler a very strong and stable Leadership figure. In 1936, Germany hosted the Olympics which greatly increased their International Publicity. This added more support from the German people.
Torchlit processions and marches such as the Nuremberg Rally were organised every so often. As well as emphasizing order the key purpose of these rallies was to Symbolize German Power and Authority. Cinema and Radio broadcasts were used more frequently to promote Nazi propaganda. Some of these benefits came at a cost. For example, Hitler may have reduced the unemployment rate but ordinary workers and civilians had to divert their whole energy into serving the state and doing exactly what its leader wants.
The terror method was used mainly on the Jews, Communists, and Gypsies etc rather than the general German Public. Its primary function was to secure and preserve discipline and eliminate any threats or challenges to Hitler’s leadership. All the Nazis’ major opponents were either killed, exiled or put in prison. Examples of this technique include the Gestapo Secret Police and the Concentration Camps which began to spring up around Germany between 1933 and the late...


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