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Drying Rate of Rotary Drying Machine Is Changing

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Rotary drying machine, which is also known as cement rotating dryer, mainly consists of the heat source, dispersioning device, belt type feeding port, rotary drum, belt type discharge port, draught fan, unloader and power distribution cabinet. It dries pre-crushed materials, thus increasing the contact area between materials and the hot draught. Therefore, the efficiency is improved. And Drying Rate of Rotary Drying Machine is Changing.

Under the condition of constant cement rotating dryer drying dryer drying process.When the material in the continuous operation of the dryer drier dryer dry.The dryer in the temperature and humidity of drying medium along the length change, not under the condition of constant dryers dry. Drying process in the whole cement rotating dryer dry operating rate is changing, the cement rotating dryer on the drying rate curve is not uniform dryer drying stage. In dry material dryer to the front of the critical moisture, as a result of the dryer drying medium temperature, humidity is changing, the drying rate is changing. But the dryer drying medium conditions decide the drying rate of the dryer, the dryer drying process controlled by the surface evaporation rate, so this stage is still has the characteristics of constant speed dryer drying stage.Similarly dryers dryer dry under dry condition changes.Also still slow down the dryer drying stage characteristics.

In the cement rotating dryer dry before release, the material of the cement rotating dryer drying rate constant drying stage called constant dryer drying stage. In the stage of constant speed dryer dry due to large material water most, material internal moisture easily spread to the surface, material internal migration rate can adapt to the material on the surface of the water to surface water evaporation rate, make the material surface wetting by the combined water, heat transfer rate and water evaporation speed dimension at this time to stay the same.

In addition, they...


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