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America Divided

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The United States of America engaged in a civil war beginning the year of 1861 and lasting until the year of 1865, and although it was a lengthy battle (consisting of five years), the causes of frustration between the Northern and Southern colonies had been building for decades before the war and, in some aspects, still exist today throughout the country. Primarily beginning in the early 1800s, serious differences between the North and South began to arise. One of the major differences between the two regions was that the North was quickly becoming a place of industry, harboring many manufacturing businesses and hiring skilled workers, whereas the South was not a place of industry and depended solely on the laborious farming of crops and the primitive means of getting such difficult work accomplished. Another major issue that arose between the North and South and added to the frustration was the battle over the textile industry; both regions were attempting to be the more successful of the two in the textile industry, and this led to extreme measures which raised questions of legality and federal rights. Of course, and most well-known, the issue of slavery was another major addition to the frustration. Overall, the way of life in the South and the way of life in the North was far from similar as far as civil rights and social expectations were concerned. Basically, what it all came down to and what, in the end, led to the bloodshed of thousands of American civilians and an unforgettable and horrifically-terrible period of American history is the fact that the North was far more adaptive, accepting and receptive to change while the South was stuck in their ways and determined to maintain their set way of life.
Firstly, the North was eager to become a place of industry and looked at the most resourceful and economic means to accomplish this goal. They hired cheap European immigrants to work in the warehouses and hired skill-specific workers for certain jobs; it...


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