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Reflection on My Teaching Style

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How would you describe your professional identity? What factors have shaped it?
Some times I don´t take the time to reflect on what I do as a professional but it is really important to do it in order to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop new ones or to improve them.
I work as a teacher in an English special program called ACCESS Program and also at a private university as an Academic Coordinator and Marketing professor. After each teaching period, I need to review and check some aspects such as students’ achievement, what do I need to improve as a professional and also what academic aspects need to improve and also something that for most of my colleagues is not really important, but it is for me as a person and as a professional: a positive relationship between professor/teacher and student.
When I was sent this pre-task, I started doing it several times but due several issues I stopped and re-started in another occasion. Last Friday, when I visited when I was recruiting students for this coming year ACCESS Program, I found my last year students and Almost all of them ran into me, greeted me and asked if I was able to teach them this new year (for their second level). Unfortunately I won´t but I told them that the new teacher is a really caring and patient person and that I´ll also be around if they need me.
The reason I am sharing my story is that finally I can have an answer to the question posted before. I describe my professional identity as a friendly, caring and positive person who is always looking for the best or the students so they can develop all their abilities and skills in learning a new language and in their future professional life. Besides being a teacher, I am a friend who advices and gives help.
Finally, I would say that if I go back 8 years ago I have never imagined being a teaching professional, but after I started again my studies I discovered it. Aspects such as working for an English program named English for Life shaped...


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