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Kosun Drilling Dc450 Decanter Centrifuge for Structural Features and Operating Principles

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The decanter centrifuge http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/decanter-centrifuge.html is used to separate suspension containing solid particles with particle diameter ≥2μm, solid concentration of 2~70% and liquid viscosity ≤0.01Pas and clarify liquid containing little solids, and is also applied to separation of amorphous materials with difficulty in filter cloth regeneration and of suspension with a large variation range in solid concentration. It is applied to the fields needing solid-liquid separation, such as petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, etc. and is capable to complete such separation processes as solid dewatering, liquid clarification, liquid-liquid-solid separation, size classification, etc.

Aiming at oil drilling fluid features, KOSUN designs DC450 Series Decanter Centrifuge as a kind of special equipment for solid-liquid separation, which is capable to complete such working procedures as feed, centrifugal sedimentation, discharge, etc. at a full speed, is mainly used to recover barite, remove fine solids, reduce solids content of drilling fluid, control density and viscosity of drilling fluid, and plays an important role in guaranteeing drilling fluid property and fast drilling.

DC450 Series Centrifuge is driven by two motors, the main motor drives the bowl and differential housing to turn by belts and the auxiliary motor drives the screw conveyor after being changed in speed by the differential, which makes the bowl and screw conveyor http://www.kosungroup.com/products/drilling-waste-management/screw-conveyer.html
rotate in the same direction and with a certain speed difference.

When materials enter the interior of screw conveyor from feed tube, materials flow towards bowl walls through feed nozzles due to high speed revolution. As light and heavy phases of materials suffer different centrifugal forces, heavy phase rapidly deposits on inner walls of bowl, light phase slowly...


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