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Four Common Faults of Aac Autoclave

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Four common faults of aac autoclave

With the rapid development of the national building energy saving,traditional building materials no longer meet the needs of the times,the clean and environmentally friendly building materials such as aac block begins to appear on the market,which leads to the rapid development of aac autoclave,in the production process,if used improperly,the aac autoclave will appear the following four kinds of faults:

Corrosion:oxygen corrosion and electrochemical corrosion are the common corrosion of aac autoclave,in order to reduce the oxygen corrosion,before the pressure rise,air inside the autoclave should be eliminated,which can shorten the heating time of kettle,the electrochemical corrosion occurs in the bottom of the kettle,is the result of oxygen in the air and steam,condensate,kettle bottom sediments.

Safety interlock device is destroyed:safety interlock device is being set to ensure the safety in the use of aac autoclave,ZG has designed the autoclave safety interlock system according to TSG R0004-2009 "Stationary Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulation" 3.20,the maximum to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

Crack:in the using of aac autoclave,the most common is the kettle tooth root crack,which relates to the structural characteristics and alternating loads operation condition of aac autoclave,as the using unit,it is difficult to avoid these cracks.

Loose: aac autoclave components has the deviation of the geometric shape and dimension, in the initial application,because of shock,vibration,heat,deformation,excessive wear and other reasons,the loose will appear in the original fastening parts.

ZG aac autoclave owns advanced design,precise manufacturing,stable quality and high efficiency,has won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise,if you want to know more,pleasure feel free to contact us!



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