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Proteins     |       | Enzymes     |       | Factors affecting enzymes     |       | Enzymes practical     |       |
What are proteins and can you list some examples of proteins found in the body? Proteins are large molecules made up of long chain of amino acids. Examples of proteins   are biological catalysts such as enzymes like protease, amylase, lipase etc. C     | What do the terms ‘catalyst’ and ‘enzyme’ mean? Catalyst means a substance that speeds up a reaction without getting itself used up. Enzyme is a protein that acts as a biological catalyst. C     | List all of the factors that affect how well enzymes work. C     | What are the dependent and independent variables? C     |
What are the functions of these proteins? Proteins are used for growth and repair purposes for structural components of tissues, they also work as hormones   and catalyst. B     | What is the active site and why is this important? he active site of an enzyme us the site that recognizes and binds to said enzyme's substrate. Without the active site the enzymes cannot catalyse it's function.   B     | How does the activity of enzymes change as the temperature or pH changes? How do you identify the optimum conditions? B     | What can you conclude from your results? B     |
Can you explain the structure of a protein? It's made up of 20 different amino acids A     | What would happen if the shape of the enzyme was to change? If the enzyme of the enzyme changes the substrate wouldn't match the enzyme's shape, then the reaction won't be catalysed. A     | Why does a change in pH or temperature affect the enzymes in this way?     | How would you modify the experiment or reproduce it differently to improve reliability? A     |
Enzymes in digestion     |       | Changing pH in the gut     |       | Using Enzymes     |       |       |       |
List the enzymes involved in digesting food & state where they are made. Amylase   made in salivary glands, pancreas and small intestine and it works in...


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