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Communicate in a Business Environment

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Communicate in a Business Environment

Learning Outcome 1 – Understand the purpose of planning communication
      1.1 Explain reasons for knowing the purpose of communication
The benefits of knowing the purpose of communication is so that human beings can understand one another, if you do not understand something for example learning something at school the teacher will then have to explain it to you in a simpler way to make it easier, by doing this she is communicating in a easier way so you can pick up the meaning better. You can improve your communicational skills and also know how to respond, whether its to a message, general communication, briefing or delegating a job, you can then use your skill as a tool and help others learn what you know and put information across   that’s desired rather than information that’s potentially misleading. Not only are good communicational skills good for day to day operations but also solving problems and knowing how to interoperate information given to you. Communication is important in the work place so everyone does the correct jobs and understands fully what their task and role is, We also communicate to help one another, listen to each other’s problems, solve difficulties we face in life and find solutions to obstacles we may face in stages of life too, Communication is also important to human beings when they are angry or they disagree with someone or they argue with others because in those sorts of situations it is important to communicate so you can resolve things by analysing both points of view so each person can have their say and come to an agreement. It is important I communicate appropriately in my business environment as some clients ask the brokers to deal with a lot of money, for example, if a client rings and says he/she wants to sell 2,000 shares of company “A” and asks me to pass the message on, I have to make sure I am clear when telling the broker as any confusion could lead to the investment manager...


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