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Psychology Disscussion

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At first glance, this particular issue, or situation would appear to be clear-cut, that is if one would only address the check kiting issue alone, however, since the problem involves some personal relationships, knowing how to properly handle things in order to ensure that all the parties involve have the most benefit .The question asked about what loyalty does Scott owe to his wife’s friend. This question is mainly an ethical issue, and offers up a few different choices. The first thing to do could be to simply ignore the kiting, at least this one time, in hopes that it does not occur again.   The second could be to talk the check kiter herself, and give her a chance to stop, and warn her if she does not you will be forced to turn her to your boss and hers as well. Third,(although not recommended, talking to your Scotts wife, and asking her if she knows whether or not her friend , the check kiter, is having any financial issues at the moment, without telling her what the check kiter has actually done. It could also be helpful to find out what her status of the relationship between Scotts boss and the check kiter is at the time. It should be noted that getting more people involved in this situation could backfire, and is probably not the best alternative. Finally, Scott could simply inform his boss of the situation and handle things like those that he does with any other check kiter. He could also just inform his boss and let him handle everything, the fact that his boss and the check kiter have a personal relationship though, could further complicate things for all involved. In conclusion, regarding the loyalty issue, it all boils down to whom Scott feels most deserves his loyalty, and that the most individuals benefit from. It would appear that talking to the check kiter himself would mean he was loyal to her, and giving her a chance to fix her mistake, and also to his wife, since she is her friend, and it actually may end that he being loyal to his boss as well,...


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