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World War 2

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The Second World War was the largest and the most violent armed conflict that opposed, between 1939 and 1945, the Allied countries with a democratic ideology countenance to the Axis coalition with a totalitarian character.
In the beginning of the war, the first block consisted of the United Kingdom (with the British Empire), France (with the French Empire) and Poland. But, with the war continuation, more countries joined to that block, such as the United States of America, China and the Soviet Union.
The war was started by Germany, but later was joined by Italy, Japan, Hungary and Romania, making the Axis Powers block. However, in the beginning of the war until its invasion by Germany, the Soviet Union also belonged to the Axis.

The main causes of the conflict are related to the agreements made after the First World War, the policy of appeasement, which was directed by the United Kingdom and France after the First World War and the expansionism of Germany and Japan.

Germany Under Hitler
In 1938, Germany was a total dictatorship under the Nazi Party and Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Although the 1919 Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I had imposed strict disarmament terms on Germany, by the late 1930s, Hitler had dropped all pretense of observing the terms of the treaty. He began not only to rebuild his military rapidly, but also to speak openly of Germany’s need for lebensraum , or “living space.”
Anschluss and Appeasement
In March 1938, offering little in the way of justification, Nazi troops took control Austria, which put up no resistance. Hitler claimed that the annexation was supported by his doctrine of Anschluss , or natural political unification of Germany and Austria. Though gravely disturbed, Britain and France took no action. Shortly thereafter, Hitler demanded that Czechoslovakia cede to Germany the Sudetenland, a territory along the German-Czech border. Hitler accused the Czechs of repressing the large German population...


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