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Gods Must Be Crazy

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Gods Must Be Crazy

The past two days we watched a very funny movie called, “The gods must be crazy”. This video would have just been a comedy to me. After reading Ishmael I was able to make connections between the two that I wouldn’t have been able to previously. This movie helped me picture what we have been talking about in class the last few weeks. We have been talking a lot about the takers and leavers and what each group does differently. In this video both stories are being told. The Bushmen are obviously the Leavers while the guys with guns would be considered the Takers. I found the main character, Xi, to be very interesting. In the beginning he was oblivious to everything. He knew only what he had been taught and knew nothing about other things. I guess that makes sense.
A homeless person doesn’t reap the benefits of society. They are poor and don’t have enough food. They sleep outside and get weird looks. With all this happening they would still be hesitant to go back in time and become a taker. I think the fact that we wouldn’t want to go back in time is astonishing. I guess you would have to wipe my memory for me to do it: because without the knowledge of this place I could be content living in Africa with the Bushmen. I think the biggest turning point in the movie, The God’s must be crazy is when the coke bottle falls from the sky. From there on out you can really notice a change in the way the Bushmen behave. All those things that I was saying they didn’t do started to become apparent in their everyday relationships. Wanting of ownership sprang about as well as anger, jealously, hate and violence. It made them conflict. The way they treated the coke bottle amazes me. They started using it to play music, rub snake skin, make headbands, smash roots and beat things. It became a tool that everybody wanted because no one had seen it before. 
That single coke bottle took their innocence without them knowing it. Eventually they realize...


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