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Basketball, at Least, How I Know It

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My name is Matt Sirkis and ill be your narrator through this journey into the great sport of basketball.   At this point you’re probably expecting me to list my numerous achievements and credentials, in order to persuade you to believe that you should listen to my advice and incites, but in actually, I have no real achievements or credential, no championships under my belt, no all star appearances, and most of all no coaching experience.   Basically I’m just the average basketball player that goes down to his local court when he gets off work early and plays with his fellow enthusiasts for a few hours.   I played basketball for my high school for four years; one on the freshman team, one on the junior varsity team, and two on the varsity team.   The only real thing that I can be proud of is that in my two years on varsity our school had winning records, the first in   15 years.   Now, you’re probably thinking why you should listen to me, and the fact of the matter is I cant really provide a real reason for you to.   This book is merely my perspectives on the sport of basketball, hence the title.   I would however, for my financial benefit as well as your learning benefit, encourage to keep reading because I can almost promise you’ll find it interesting to say the least.  

Basketball being the team sport that it is, I’m going to start out with the oh so famous cliché that “there is no I in team”.   Although there may be no I in team there is however a “me”.   It is key to being successful in the sport of basketball to know when to pass the ball and when to keep it to your self.   I have played with many a player whom is too willing to pass the ball to their teammates.   Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to need to pass the ball to your teammates sometimes, but when you can score you should do exactly that. Behind the back passes to the clumsy post man wont put points on the board.   The fault then lies in the player knowing when is a good time to pass the ball and when...


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