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Imagine a world without traffic jams; where there would be no delay for work, no worries about travel schedules and above all no public appraisals from the English teacher for coming late to the class! Time would finally be stricken off the banal list of worries. This impossible to hit pitch however, lies in a plane where platitude is not well taken. This plane is one where advanced physics and quantum mechanics form frightening webs of reason for everything that happens in that other world - where we live. At other times the alien-like scientists that inhabit these planes have abducted us to conduct all kinds of meaningless experiments on us. However, this time its different; they have, arguably, after a long gap given us, the outsiders, something to marvel at – teleportation.

Teleportation is ‘Star Trek’ demystified. It is the phenomenon where a physical body disintegrates and then comes together at another preplanned position. That position, as we may already start to dream, could be a cubicle in an office, a classroom or perhaps even someone’s bedroom! Leaving the other two alone, the third one could become a problem of gigantic proportions. I mean, how would you like if a stranger appears in your bedroom when you are looking your worst, wearing that ghastly gown, and trying to entertain yourself by looking at that old wig that you wear to work everyday? If you could take some time off being embarrassed, you would probably notice that this person could also be trying to get away with that rare piece of china that you actually got from China! And going back to China doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? That however, is also an aspect of our little miracle from the ‘other’ world.

All synthetic phenomena have various aspects that may only be understood by a better understanding of the phenomenon itself. Here as the research journals of I.B.M. tell us – teleportation is the name given by science fiction writers to the feat of making an object or...


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