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Moralirty's Fickle Mind

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If someone were to ask what morality is, what would one say?   Some may think of it as integrity and decency, and others may see it as honesty and candor.   However, by contrasting what was moral, and immoral in the past, one can clearly see that people’s concept of morality changes over time.   Under what circumstances that this conceptual change takes place, one may never know.   What many believe is that morality and immorality together have shaped both thinking and society as a whole, as it continues to be the “guiding light” under many circumstances.

One example of our morality-based society proves itself through history.   Slavery lasted for over four hundred years.   It is apparent that harsh treatment of this manner lasted for such a long period of time because this type of thinking was accepted during those times.   Once it was clear that this type of treatment was wrong, many people’s attitudes (other than blacks) changed toward the treatment of African Americans, so it is clear that morality played a key role in the thinking process and the outcome of how one race dominated another and what the result was.   However, one must also take into account the fact that the rich and powerful have major influences over way of life; this is apparent even though a democratic society.   The general dominating of one people or race over another still lasts to this day, as it is clear through the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

Another example of how society has been shaped by morality and immorality is the fact that immorality drove pilgrims from an “immoral” monarchy and led them to create a “moral” type of government on their own.   However, even though morality seems to lead society in a general good direction, such as taking down Hitler’s army, it does not always lead to the best outcome in many circumstances, such as the taking over of smaller countries by the US, or reinstating the death penalty.   Even though this government was created from a lesser,...


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