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Urban Survey of Vancouver

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I live in downtown. It is the heart of the Vancouver. It’s always busy and there are a

lot of people on the streets most of the time. I believe that in my area everywhere you look you can see elements that identify that this is urban and is a part of Vancouver.

The most obvious elements in downtown is of course would the high buildings. These are mostly the offices of the companies that may base in British Columbia, but also outside the British Columbia’s boundaries. These building are usually tall building, some of them have the logo of the company or companies on top of the front entrance or on the top of the building. Basically, all we can see, without going inside is that men and women go in there in suits, but we know that is where the   business is handled. The usual work hours for offices from 9 am to 6 pm.

I think another element would be the shopping malls and the large number of stores in Downtown area. There is a large variety of stores, no matter what you are looking for you will find it here for sure. Everything that people require to satisfy themselves, starting from clothes and ending with food. This show that this branch of the city is an important urban part.

Almost every single building in downtown area is unique and because this part of the city is one the tourist attractions, the architecture of structures here is at different level than the rest of the city.

There is a saying – “All roads lead to Rome”. In this case all roads lead to downtown Vancouver, for example: sea bus, B-line buses, sky-train. The great transportation routes are all somehow connecting to downtown. From downtown you can get anywhere in the Vancouver area and even further.

I would also like to look at the chains of stores and other service providing places, for example Safeway, London drugs, 7-Eleven etc. These companies are very rich and they have a lot of locations. They usually sell only the...


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