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Discuss the role played by each of the following on urbanization:




There are many things that were influenced on urbanization during the late 1800’s. For example: the roles played by industrialization, immigration and transportation. These things made a difference on urbanization, which meant for the good or for the bad.   Industrialization created many demands for vocational and technical training. During the years 1866 and 1915 about 25 million foreigners entered the U.S. In the 1880’s, horse drawn cars running on tracks set flush with the street were the main means of urban public transportation until the years 1887 and 1888.

First, Industrialization created many demands for vocational and technical training; both employers and unskilled workers quickly grasped the possibilities. As late as 1890 fewer than 300,000 of the 14.3 million children were attending public and private schools and had progressed beyond the eighth grade and nearly a third of these were attending private institutions. Since industrialization made many demands for vocational schools, there was education that certainly helped young people to rise in the world, but progress from rags to real riches was far from common.   The spreading industrial revolution and the increased use of farm machinery led to the collapse of the peasant economy of central and southern Europe. For rural inhabitants this meant the loss of self-sufficiency, the fragmentation of landholdings, unemployment, and for many the decision to make a new start in the New World. While immigrants continued to people the farms of America, industry absorbed an ever-increasing number of the newcomers. In 1870 one industrial worker in three was foreign born. Beginning in the 1880s, the spreading effects of industrialization in Europe caused a shift in the sources of American immigration from northern and western to southern and eastern sections...


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